CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and its Connected Health Innovation Hub – OROT are proud to announce their partnership with Advosense.

OROT’s mission is to reinvent the future of care by collaborating with the industry in order to co-create the next generation of solutions. According to the Head of OROT and CIUSSS’ Chief Innovation Officer, Danina Kapetanovic: “As aging well is one of OROT’s strategic focus areas, we are on a quest to partner with innovative enterprises in order to foster the creation of technology which will make aging at home possible and which will improve the quality of life of those who are in residential care.”

Advosense is on a mission to transform geriatric care. Developing elderly care technology solutions for clinicians and healthcare organizations, Advosense is starting with incontinence management. Of the partnership, the CEO and co-founder, Martina Viduka stated: “We are very excited for our collaboration with OROT as we are here to research and co-create solutions that empower our clinicians so that they can best care for their patients’ needs. Through this partnership frontline staff become the real innovators in improving the quality of care and health of our societies.”

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Advosense is on a mission to transform geriatric care.