Collaboration will enable one of Quebec’s largest integrated health systems to work with global health organizations to enhance patient care, improve operations, and further academic research

BE’ER-SHEVA, Israel — May 25, 2021 – By partnering with MDClone, a digital health company, the Jewish General Hospital (JGH), a member facility of the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS) announced today that it now has access to MDClone’s sophisticated healthcare data analytics platform. The partnership, which includes all 34 facilities of the CIUSSS, will improve the health of patients, solve operational challenges, and enable collaboration worldwide.

The MDClone solution will be a core enabling technology at OROT, a connected health innovation hub recently launched by the JGH and the CIUSSS. OROT has a broad mission to re- imagine the future of health and to transform the experience of healthcare through an integrated model of research, innovation and implementation that is patient-centric and informed by large-scale data science.

“We are excited to bring The MDClone ADAMS Platform to the JGH and our CIUSSS and to be a founding member of The Global Network,” says Dr. Lawrence Rosenberg, President and CEO of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. “Because of this partnership, we now have access to an extensive amount of clinical data, research, and other important population health topics that will prove valuable to enhancing the care of our patients and of patients around the world.”

CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and the JGH are known for cutting edge research and innovative approaches to patient care. The MDClone ADAMS Platform removes lengthy delays associated with traditional analytics, while safeguarding patient privacy. Researchers, clinicians, and other authorized users can now explore data without assistance from IT analysts, reducing project timelines from many months to a few days.

MDClone ensures patient privacy by generating synthetic data that retains all of the statistical properties of original data but does not contain any individual patient information. Synthetic data is both safe and secure, creating new opportunities for researchers and innovators to solve healthcare’s most challenging problems. CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and the JGH are also founding members of The Global Network, a research consortium of 14 leading health systems in Canada, the US, and Israel.

“We look forward to working on many ideas that impact the lives of patients at the JGH and across CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, and also look forward to bringing those ideas to the

global stage,” says Ziv Ofek, Founder and CEO. “We are thrilled to have the JGH onboard to help spearhead innovation within the global healthcare industry. It is imperative that we continue to come together so that we can identify ways to improve patient care, delivery, and streamline operations – especially as we face ongoing challenges that come with a global health crisis.”

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