CIUSSS West-Central Montreal and its Connected Health Innovation Hub, OROT, are proud to announce an innovation partnership with Masimo, a global medical technology company based in Irvine, California. The partnership is designed to leverage the unique capabilities of both organizations, in order to support their shared goals of improving health, upgrading the quality of care, and transforming the ways in which care is delivered.

OROT’s mission is to reinvent the future of care by collaborating with companies in the private sector to create the next generation of solutions.

“Our common commitment is to patient-centred care within the hospital and in the patient’s home,” said Danina Kapetanovic, the CIUSSS’s Chief Innovation Officer and Head of OROT.  “Through this transformational alliance with Masimo, we hope to develop new pathways toward innovative and affordable care. We are also aiming to create a new model for addressing the current and future clinical, operational and technological needs of the CIUSSS’s multiple facilities, which collectively serve more than 380,000 people.”

Joe Kiani, Founder and CEO of Masimo, stated, “We are delighted to expand our relationship with CIUSSS West-Central Montreal through an innovative partnership with the OROT team.”  To date, Masimo has equipped the CIUSSS—notably, its key facility, the Jewish General Hospital—with a varied array of solutions. These include monitoring technologies (such as SET® pulse oximetry and rainbow® Pulse CO-Oximetry) and automation solutions (such as Root® and Patient SafetyNet™), as well as one of the most recent innovations, the Masimo SafetyNet® Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring solution. “Masimo and OROT have much in common, with both organizations equally dedicated to improving patients’ outcomes and reducing the cost of care,” said Mr. Kiani.