The CIUSSS West Central Montreal and its connected health innovation hub, OROT, are proud to announce their partnership with Braver, a Quebec-based medical technology company headquartered in Quebec City, whose vision is “a community of connected healthcare professionals collaborating for a healthier society.” The partnership is designed to leverage the unique capabilities of both organizations to support their common goals of improving health, enhancing the quality of care, and transforming healthcare delivery models. OROT’s mission is to reinvent the future of care by collaborating with private sector companies in order to cocreate the next generation of solutions.

“Our shared commitment is to provide patient-centered care both in the hospital and in the patient’s home,” said Danina Kapetanovic, Chief Innovator of CIUSSS and leader of OROT. Through this transformative alliance with Braver, we hope to develop new pathways towards innovative and affordable care.”

“Patients who continue to adhere to their prescribed activities at home achieve significantly better results in reaching their goals and show greater improvement in physical function”, explained Mary Lattas, Director of Rehabilitation and Multidisciplinary Services. “The partnership with Braver will allow us to facilitate this transition to the home by utilizing their technology.”

“Braver catalyzes collaboration in healthcare by placing communication at the core of the care team. But the care team wouldn’t be complete without the presence and commitment of the user. This significant transformation of healthcare communication is a formidable challenge, and it is only by acting in partnership with other actors in the ecosystem that we will succeed. It is a genuine privilege to pave this path with OROT and the CIUSSS West Central Montreal”, said Marie-Lou Gagnon, President and Co-founder of Braver.