We define innovation as the process through which creative ideas are translated into practice.  It’s not innovation if no one uses it.

All innovation  begins with an unmet need. Whether it is through research, clinical practice or community care and engagement, OROT taps into its staff and users in order to map out those needs.

We then engage and mobilize industry partners to find innovative solutions.

CIUSSS Employees

If you have identified an unmet need and have an idea how it might be solved please submit those ideas to us.

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Community of Practice

In order to encourage innovation, share knowledge and best practices, OROT hosts a monthly community of practice of innovation. This group of engaged individuals passionate about innovation hail from all professions and levels and are united in their desire to deliver the best possible care. If you are an employee of our CIUSSS please consider joining us.

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External Partners

Once we have identified unmet needs, we look to our industry partners to help us address them through innovation. Where the solution doesn’t exist we look to co-create one; where solutions have already been developed we look to validate and pilot them in real setting. If you are interested in working with us, please submit your expression of interest form.

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Design Challenges

The ability to identify and work with partners is a powerful source of competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to creating new growth products, solutions, and business models. We will make our unmet needs known and create challenges around them. Please check back often

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