We define innovation as the process through which creative ideas are translated into practice.  It’s not innovation if no one uses it.

All innovation begins with an unmet need. Whether it is through research, clinical practice or community care and engagement, OROT taps into its staff and users in order to map out those needs.

We then engage and mobilize industry partners to find innovative solutions.

Our incubation program

The virtuous innovation cycle is a recurring cycle of events, the result of each one increases the beneficial effect of the next. Through its incubation program, OROT accompanies start-ups and other companies throughout the cycle of innovation.

OROT’s role is to support the entrepreneurs regardless of their level of development as long as they aim to produce solutions that users really need. To do this, OROT collaborates with partners and experts in the innovation ecosystem at the municipal, provincial, national, and international levels.



The unmet needs are the starting point for innovation. OROT relies on the experience of clinicians and users to define these needs. OROT then selects the companies best aligned with the needs and its philosophy of work.



We allow entrepreneurs access to our sites, data and people and help them develop or refine their solutions using iterative approach and  methodologies such as design thinking and human-centered design.



The value-created, effectiveness and feasibility of technologies are formally assessed via research or quality assurance studies.



Companies refine their value-based business model and ultimately plan their market release.



OROT works closely with the Innovation Bureau of the Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) to define the path of procurement and integration of new technologies across the health care system.

Our business model

Through OROT’s involvement, the CIUSSS is availing its clinical personnel and expertise, as well as our health and social services knowledge, toward the furtherance and acceleration of new technologies and initiatives for healthcare.

OROT is a self-financing entity that generates its operational budget via projects and related activities. To this end, the following business model applies:


OROT charges fees for its services with a minimum charge of 25,000$. OROT services include:

  • Conceptualization and management of the co-development process using OROT methodology and specialized staff;
  • Partner identification and solicitation;
  • Mobilization of clinical teams;
  • Management of business arrangements;
  • Identification and application for grants;
  • Structuring of legal agreements;
  • Innovation project management.


OROT matches companies with the clinician researchers/principal investigators, provides legal and coordination support. In return, OROT charges a modest overhead fee calculated based on the project costs.


We stipulate that if Intellectual Property (IP) is created by co-development collaboration, OROT will negotiate an additional one-time creativity fee, while all IP rights remain with the company. Creativity fee is determined based on the level of our contribution and is payable in cash or as a combination of cash and in-kind compensation.

Our current challenges

In order to focus our efforts and resources on the most pressing issues, OROT identifies the most critical unmet needs and creates challenges around them. Here is our current list:

  • Healthy aging;
  • Workforce shortage;
  • Virtual care;
  • Optimization of workflows.

Partner with us

Once we have identified unmet needs, we look to our industry partners to help us address them through innovation. OROT’s ability to identify and work with partners is a powerful source of competitive advantage, particularly when it comes to creating new growth products, solutions, and business models. If you are interested in working with us, please use the button below to submit your idea or solution.

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