Integrated University Health and Social Services Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) and its Connected Health Innovation Hub – OROT are proud to announce their partnership with Communitech’s Future of Health.

The Canadian health-care ecosystem needs a culture shift toward innovation. The process required to bring innovations to market is slow and ultra-conservative, resulting in many innovators going to the United States. Future of Health is Communitech’s latest initiative aiming to connect Canadian tech with the healthcare ecosystem to tackle the challenges facing Canada’s health-care systems. Future of Health builds communities and connections across the health-care ecosystem to gather insights, knowledge and perspective, define challenges and solve shared problems using trusted Canadian tech solutions. As such, this exciting initiative is perfectly aligned with OROT’s mission and mandate.

In partnership with Communitech’s Future of Health collaborative program, OROT will lend its expertise to evaluate the solutions submitted by participating companies. The most promising companies will be offered an opportunity to work directly with OROT and CIUSSS CCOMTL.

This year the program seeks to address the following challenge areas:

Systems Design

Arduous processes and fragmented systems complicate everything from staff scheduling to tech procurement. How can we design a cohesive, streamlined framework to better serve patients and retain health-care workers?


Fragmentation among care teams hinders communication and data-sharing. How can we design a unified, collaborative system that improves patient outcomes?


Canada is vast and many people struggle to access care. How can we design an equitable system that overcomes geographical and socio-cultural challenges?


Canada’s health-care system is in crisis. How can we restructure it to focus on prevention and early intervention, and reduce the need for acute care?

 Want to get involved?

Join us for the Solutions Showcase on December 13th when the top ten startups and scale-up technology companies who have participated in the Future of Health collaborative will pitch their solutions to healthcare organizations and professionals from across North America for the chance to secure a paid pilot.