Integrated University Health and Social Services Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal) and its Connected Health Innovation Hub – OROT are proud to announce their partnership with VitalTracer.

VitalTracer is a Quebec startup focused on providing innovative personal healthcare products combining wearable technology and software systems.

With rapid growth of the aging world population, increased cost and manpower burden, there is an urgent need for technologies that can be integrated as part of routine care to support the limited clinical resources available in the long-term care centres (CHSLD). Such technologies exist in theory, but they have neither been tested nor have they been tailored for use in this setting. Our present research initiative addresses this issue by co‐creating a clinical platform tailored for use by CHSLD clinical staff and subsequently evaluating both the validity of this technology to accurately provide remote vital signs data in this frail patient population, and the feasibility of implementation in the CHSLD setting.

The study will be spearheaded by Dr. Machelle Wilchesky, Director of the Donald Berman Maimonides Centre for Research in Aging, Assistant Professor for the Department of Family Medicine and Division of Geriatric Medicine at McGill University, and a scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology of the Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research (Jewish General Hospital). Professor Wilchesky’s research program focuses on improving the primary (medical and nursing) care received by frail elderly people with dementia residing in long-term care facilities.

The project partners would like to thank the McGill Innovation and Partnership programme, as well as the Innovator in Residence programme (financed by the Fonds de recherche du Quebec and Institute Transmedtech) for their financial support, making this important project possible.

VitalTracer project partners (from the top on the left): Edna Chosak, District 3, Nayla Pallard, OROT, Melika Feyzi, Concordia University, Machelle Wilchesky, McGill University, Andrea Schiffauerova, Concordia University, Marie-Pierre Faure, Transmedtech, Azadeh Dastmalchi, VitalTracer, Danina Kapetanovic, OROT